The video format is providing listeners with extensive chart pictures on both the technical silver as well as copper price development © Elliott Wave International & Tom Denham

Part II: Silver and copper

Do current chart pictures spell good news for both silver´s and copper´s future price development? And does silver have more room to the upside from current price levels? Or might silver instead be in danger to fall back to significantly lower price levels from here? And if so, why? Additionally: What is the current chart picture holding for „Doctor“ copper?

Main conversation topics:

  • Looking at silver´s price development in retrospect (between November 2015 and today)
  • Looking at silver´s monthly chart
  • Is a so called `cup-and-handle´ pattern forming out in silver´s long-term chart?
  • What if gold is to fall back to a price range of 700 to 800 U.S. dollars again? Where can we expect silver to bottom out in this case?
  • Copper in a new upwards trend?
  • If so, to which price level is copper most likely heading to?

HERE is the first part of the interview.

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